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Details CUBI-Mini-Streuer-unbunt-6-Stck-plus-12-Etiketten-Salzstreuer-Salz-und-PfefferGewrzstreuer-aus-Glas

Mit Cubi wird das Leben bunt! Mit diesem kleinen neuen Mini-Streuer kann beim Essen endlich jeder sein eigenes Salzfässchen haben. Zudem hat man mit Cubi die Freiheit, Farben zu wählen, wie es einem passt. Es gibt Cubis passend zur Tischdekoration ...

10,55 EUR*
Details Rosenthal-Thomas-Sunny-Day-Tee-Obertasse-Black-SP-A-1214

Thomas „Sunny Day Black” Obertasse zur Teetasse 0,20 LHartporzellan, spülmaschinen- und mikrowellengeeignet.Thomas Sunny Day Black ist eine unbunte Farbe, die eigentlich die Abwesenheit sichtbaren Lichts beschreibt. Gemischt mit hellen Farben bringt ...

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Details Fugitive-Anne-A-Romance-of-the-Unexplored-Bush

Used. Very Good conditions. May have soft reading marks and name of the previous owner.

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Details The-New-Africa-A-journey-up-the-Chobe-and-down-the-Okovanga-rivers-A-record-of-exploration-and-sport-With-a-newly-drawn-map-of-hitherto-unexplored-parts-of-the-country-and-seventy-illustrations

The New Africa. A journey up the Chobe and down the Okovanga rivers. A record of exploration and sport ... With a newly drawn map of hitherto unexplored parts of the country, and seventy illustrations, etc. British Library, Historical Print ...

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Details The-Transient-Radio-Sky-Springer-Theses

Gebundenes BuchThe high time-resolution radio sky represents unexplored astronomical territory. This thesis presents a study of the transient radio sky, focussing on millisecond scales. As such, the work is concerned primarily with neutron stars. In ...

34,95 EUR*
Details Yyggssbok-A-Bold-New-Runic-Vision

Yyggssbok This book is a blinding lightning strike to the ways and traditions of the Northern peoples and the magic of the runes. It is an absolute mental and spiritual aviking to uncharted waters and hitherto unexplored territory. This book ...

11,95 EUR*
Details Alluring-Tales-Awaken-the-Fantasy-Avon-Red

Alluring Tales What is your most wicked fantasy?Pleasure beckons and satisfaction is guaranteed in seven titillating stories of love that know no boundaries. Surrender to the passion and follow your desires into unexplored realms of sensuous delights ...

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Details Remote-Jungles-Earths-Final-Frontiers

Remote Jungles Looks at places on Earth (and beyond) that are yet to be fully explored. This series includes geographical content to explain where the places are and why they are unexplored. Each book teaches students what we know, how we found it out ...

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Details Uncrowned-King-The-Life-of-Prince-Albert

Uncrowned King Stanley Weintraub, biographer of Victoria and other major figures of her era, here unveils for the first time the largely hidden role of Albert, establishing him as one of the greatest men of his days. Drawing on previously unexplored ...

117,69 EUR*
Details Atlas-of-Marine-Zooplankton-Straits-of-Magellan-Copepods

The Antarctic represents the last of the world's still unexplored continents. Since 1985, Italy has sent nine expeditions to this region, making it one of the most scientifically active nations in the Antarctic. Italy has built a permanent base there ...

25,52 EUR*
Details Guida-di-Roma-sotterranea-Guide-to-underground-Rome

A brief glance at the title of this book ­ "Guide to Underground Rome" ­ immediately brings one question to mind: Is it really possible that so much beauty and such an immense number of unexplored spaces could be hiding underneath Rome? A perfectly ...

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Details The-Knights-of-Bushido-A-History-of-Japanese-War-Crimes-During-World-War-II

The Knights of Bushido An enlightening elucidation of Japanese brutality in World War II, this book is an honest look at an unexplored facet of the inhumane war crimes of this era. Full description

56,20 EUR*
Details Faith-on-the-Home-Front-Aspects-of-Church-Life-and-Popular-Religion-in-Birmingham-1939-1945

Aspects of Church Life and Popular Religion in Birmingham. 1939-1945Broschiertes BuchThe nature of religion on the domestic front in Britain during the Second World War has, hitherto, been relatively unexplored. This study focuses on Birmingham and ...

102,47 EUR*
Details First-Measurement-of-the-Muon-Anti-Neutrino-Charged-Current-Quasielastic-Double-Differential-Cross-Section-Springer-Theses

Gebundenes BuchThis book presents a major step forward in experimentally understanding the behavior of muon neutrinos and antineutrinos. Apart from providing the world's first measurement of these interactions in a mostly unexplored energy region, the ...

18,17 EUR*
Details Sacred-Encounters-And-Other-Adventures-on-the-Great-Plains-Father-De-Smet-and-the-Indians-of-the-Rocky-Mountain-West

Sacred Encounters For nearly 350 years after Columbus's landing, the remote Northern Rocky mountain homeland of the Flathead and Coeur d'Alene tribes remained a safe haven, virtually unmapped and unexplored by whites. But heralded by Indian prophecies ...

15,15 EUR*
Details Tuxedo-Park-A-Wall-Street-Tycoon-and-the-Secret-Palace-of-Science-That-Changed-the-Course-of-World-War-II-The-Wall-Street-Tycoon-Who-Changed-the-Course-of-World-War-II

Tuxedo Park In this account of an unexplored but crucial story of World War II, Conant traces one of the world's most extraordinary careers and scientific enterprises. Alfred Lee Loomis turned his Tuxedo Park laboratory into the meeting place for the ...